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WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg: What you need to know

If you haven’t already heard, WordPress 5.0 is about to be released.  It includes one of the biggest changes to the WordPress ecosystem that we have ever seen – Gutenberg.  Gutenberg is an entirely new content editor and methodology that has been built from the ground up and sets the foundation for the future growth

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Why Your Website Should Be HTTPS

In 2016, SGS started launching all websites that we design and host as HTTPS.  Many people are asking us why this is so important so we want to explain. What is HTTPS? HTTPS stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure”.  It is the Internet standard for any secure/encrypted communication between a web browser and web server.  HTTPS

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Dave’s Guitar Shop – An E-commerce Website Win

Dave’s Guitar Shop was started by Dave Rogers in the early 1980s and today is one of the largest independently owned guitar shops in the U.S.. It ranks as one of the top dealers in the country for well known brands such as Gibson, Fender, Martin, Paul Reed Smith, Rickenbacker, and many others. Dave also buys and sells a large number of used and vintage guitars ranging from the neighborhood kid’s electric to a 1923 Gibson Lloyd Loar “Master Model” F5 Mandolin (yours for $225,000).

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Why Does WordPress Need To Be Updated?

WordPress is very popular for good reason; it’s easy to use, there’s a huge community of developers and designers creating solutions for it and it’s very flexible. According to WordPress.org, WordPress powers 23% of all websites on the Internet. Much like operating systems like Microsoft’s Windows require updates to patch security holes, increase functionality, or fix bugs, WordPress and the plugins that extend its functionality must be updated from time to time for the same reasons.

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